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Aphra is possessed by the Spark Eternal. While the Spark Eternal continues to control her body aboard the Vermillion, the real archaeologist is trapped in her own mind, peering into the memories of the Leader of the Ascendant, Miril. She's also learning the secrets of her new simulated Sith abilities, such as force-like powers, ability to search memories and regeneration!

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Matt Tuck (GoCollect)
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Star Wars Doctor Aphra
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COMING SOON! Star Wars Doctor Aphra
RELEASES: 5/31/2023

After the fallout of HIDDEN EMPIRE, DOCTOR APHRA is at a crossroads. Who better to help her with that than...LUKE SKYWALKER?!

Doctor Aphra Vol.2 #24
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Doctor Aphra Vol.2 #24

Dark Seekers (1st team app)

"DESCENT" Desperate to rescue DOCTOR APHRA at any cost, SANA STARROS and her CREW'S search leads them to an OLD HAUNT…and two FAMILIAR FACES they might not survive! Meanwhile, Aphra delves deeper into the secrets of THE ASCENDANT …and the true origin of the SPARK ETERNAL!

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